high-performance viscosity modifiers

Fulcrum Energy High-Performance Viscosity Modifiers

Improving and Promoting high performance in crankcase and industrial lubricants

Fulcrum Energy is the manufacturer of FulVis high-performance viscosity modifiers for use in formulating engine and industrial oils. Today’s lubricant formulation is more challenging than ever with higher performance standards, changing requirements, and constant demand for innovation. Through years of testing, proven formulations and precise engineering, Fulcrum Energy has developed VI improvers with excellent shear stability and robust low-temperature properties. Choosing FulVis viscosity modifiers for your blending needs will help increase performance and reduce your manufacturing cost.

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Viscosity Index Modifiers

The FulVis line of VI modifiers are designed with polymeric molecules that are sensitive to temperature. At low temperatures, the molecule chain contracts, having no impact on viscosity. At high temperatures, the molecule chain expands and increases the lubricant's viscosity. This effect allows the lubricant to operate effectively in a broader range of temperatures. Fulcrum Energy's viscosity index modifiers are specialized to be used in a variety of finished lubricant formulations.

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Our Suppliers

Fulcrum Energy sources components from world class suppliers to develop materials for our customers that meet industry needs in the harshest of environments. The relationships that Fulcrum Energy has developed over the years with the world's top base oil and additive suppliers provides our customers with high performance materials, adding value to your finished products. We work hand in hand with our suppliers and customers to develop high quality, low cost materials to streamline your supply chain and maximize your profitability. Our goal is to be more than a transactional supplier to our customers and a client to our suppliers. We aim to be a partner that adds value at every step of the supply chain.

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Our People

The most important asset at Fulcrum Energy is our PEOPLE. At Fulcrum Energy we believe that people are the most important asset, not only to our company, but to our customers as well. With over 40 years of experience in the petroleum and additives industry - from refining and blending to packaging and sales - Fulcrum Energy is equipped with the right people and expertise to provide high performance materials to our customers. At Fulcrum Energy, every person is unique and has their own set of skills that makes our company stand alone. Our people are the asset that cannot be duplicated. By taking care of our people, we take care of our customers' needs. With new technology, products, and services in an ever-changing industry, our people make the difference.