high-performance viscosity modifiers

FulVis 3512


FulVis 3512 is a high performance viscosity modifier that uses shear stable, non-dispersant olefin copolymer designed to bolster performance in multi-grade lubricants. Fulcrum Energy uses select polymers that are designed specifically for heavy duty and premium performance lubricants. FulVis 3512 contains a polymer with a shear stability index (SSI) of 35. It is shear stable and exhibits excellent low temperature flow characteristics. FulVis 3512 reduces the impact of increasing temperature on the viscosity of the lubricant. This extends the service temperature ranges under which lubricants can effectively operate.

FulVis 3512 is specifically designed for formulating multi-grade crankcase engine oils, as well as industrial lubricants. FulVis 3512 gives you peak thermal and oxidation stability when added into your multi-viscosity lubricants.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Formulated for use in heavy duty engine oils and where optimum performance is required
  • High Performance VI improver for crankcase and industrial lubricants
  • Robust low-temperature properties
  • Low pour point depressant dosages

Typical Properties

FulVis<sup>™</sup> 3512

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 250°F (120°C)
Shelf Life: 36 Months @ ambient temperature