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About Fulcrum Energy

Fulcrum Energy is a woman owned business that was started in 2016. Centrally located in El Dorado, AR, Fulcrum Energy is able to provide quality materials at a competitive price, with technical and customer support that is unmatched. Fulcrum Energy is dedicated to producing the highest quality materials to increase the performance of your lubricant and lower the cost of your product.

At Fulcrum Energy, we strive to be considered a valued partner and an extension of our customers' business.  Understanding our customers' business and products, and knowing our customers' lubrication formulation needs gives us the opportunity to present precise solutions. Our skilled technical and customer service team stand ready to offer their expertise. Let Fulcrum Energy partner with you to apply proven formulation and precise engineering to your product.

Fulcrum Energy is a sister company with Polyethylene Containers, Inc., which is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) containers for bulk packaging with over 30 years experience in bulk container manufacturing.

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